Community Management with Saprolings

Fully trained
Dedicated moderator

Our community managers have been fully trained with past project experiences

Get a full-time trained community manager. Guaranteed to only have one ongoing project per person.

Why Saprolings?

Crypto Community Management Service
Languages Offered
24/7 Community Management
Discord Moderator
Telegram Channel

We offer multiple community management services that expand and engage a crypto group

English, Korean, Portuguese, Polish, Thai

Our managers monitor your crypto community 24/7 to ensure we promptly respond to queries and remove spam content.

Discord is a favorite platform for crypto enthusiasts.

We understand Discord in and out and can help you create channels, set up the right bots, and user permissions.

Telegram is one of the best venues for crypto community formation. We can help you leverage Telegram by setting up your channels.

Saprolings' services

Brand and Content
messaging strategy
Performance Content
Social Ads